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We offer our partners: locally produced beer with reasonable price and high-quality raw materials, customized labels for the Chinese market, various packaging, 0,5l cans, 0,33, 0,5l bottles, 30l, 50l barrels, polyester ...

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red absinth

Total supply: 10000
original place: czech
time: Shipment within 7 days from the date of payment by buyer.
Payment: negotiated

“red absinth”Parameter description

“red absinth”Detailed introduction

it is a new generation of products designed specifically for consumers who are dissatisfied with existing products. It is young and lively, colorful. This wine is perfect for mixing drinks. What's more, like the rest of our absinthe, it contains serpentone (10 mg/l)

Mixed drinks base wine, with fruit juice with first-class flavor. A slightly bitter anise flavor with a hint of spice. Bottle-melting wine label, cork customized wine bottle flavor: extremely bitter color: red brewing process: dipping drinking method: cocktail method or mixed drinking is recommended, not net drinking. Cocktail: can be used for making campari cocktails

Alcohol content: 60%

Azone: 10 mg/l

Net weight: 500 ml, 200 ml, 50 ml