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Alkaline Water Lonizer

Total supply: 50
original place: South Korea
time: Shipment within 30 days from the date of payment by buyer.
Payment: negotiated

“Alkaline Water Lonizer”Parameter description

Water supply Water service series
Weight of main body Gross weight 5kg, Net weight 4 kg
Available water pressure 0.5~ 6Kg/㎤
Voltage AC 100~240V, 48~63Hz, SMPS Free Volt
Power consumption 170 VA
Filter longevity Filter 1-4 months, Filter 2 - 8 months
Temperature of source water 4 ~ 55℃
Size of main body 385㎜(H)×284㎜(W)×134㎜(D)
Operation method Connecting to tap water, Continuing operation
Production amount Max. 3ℓ/min (alkali water 2 ℓ/min)

“Alkaline Water Lonizer”Detailed introduction

WIZ.on-5000 special performance:

Easy filter exchange by front door

Save Energy, No stand-by electric consumption by SMPS

Stable performance under any water quality level by SMPS

Increasing life span of electrode by A Cell Technology(Automatic Cross Cleaning System)

Supporting 5 language.

Good ORP:

Other products: -200mV ~ -300mV

WIZ on-5000: Max.-800mV